Our team of biotech scientists (biotechnologists) is using the unique “GLYCONICation” technology to improve natural polyphenolic compounds through addition of sugar groups, turning them into „activated“ compounds.

GLYCONIC has developed a proprietary enzyme based bioconversion platform to attach natural glycosidic residues like α-L-rhamnose or β-D-glucose to small molecules. This is achieved through a toolbox of bacterial production strains each employing individual glycosyl transferases and an adapted sugar metabolism. GLYCONIC enables the regio-selective access to a broad range of aromatic substrates. By now, the production of flavonoid (flavone, flavonol, flavanone, Isoflavone), stilbene, xanthone and chromone glycosides up to gram per liter scales was performed successfully in our lab.

GLYCONICation of small lipophilic molecules massively improves their water solubility, their stability, their bioavailability and – most importantly – their mode of action. Even more so, glycosylation results in a compound discoloration desired for product formulations. Thus, the sugar moiety essentially influences the physical and biochemical properties of the compounds. GLYCONICation technology enables to craft this functionality adjusting compounds to certain needs.